Ernelea P. Cao, Ph.D.

Professor 12 | UP Scientist I
Genetics Academic Group (GAG) Head
Ph.D. Biology, University of the Philippines Diliman, 1992
Research Lab: Plant Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory (formerly called the Plant Genetics and Cyanobacterial Biotechnology Laboratory)


BIO 1 (Contemporary Topics in Biology)
BIO 11 (Fundamentals of Biology 1)
BIO 140 (Fundamentals of Genetics)
BIO 141 (Fundamentals of Microbial Genetics)
BIO 150 (Fundamentals of Cell and Molecular Biology)
BIO 196 (Undergraduate Seminar)
BIO 240 (Advanced Genetics)
BIO 250 (Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology)
BIO 296 (Graduate Seminar)
BIO 299 (Research in Biology)
BIO 399 (Independent Doctoral Research in Biology)
MICROBIO 241 (Advanced Microbial Genetics)
MICROBIO 299 (Research in Microbiology)


Cyanobacterial and Microalgal Biotechnology
Plant Cell and Molecular Biology


Current Thesis Students
Nick Rainier S. Santos (Ph.D. Biology)
Elaine M. Romines (M.S. Microbiology)
Danica Pearl M. Untiveros (M.S. Microbiology)
Mariella Angela A. Chavez (B.S. Biology)

Recently Graduated Students
Daisy May C. Santos Ph.D. Biology (June 2019)
Nick Rainier S. Santos M.S. Biology (June 2019)
Libertine Rose S. Sanchez Ph.D. Biology (July 2019)
Alysa G. Estopace M.S. Microbiology (July 2019)
Teresita M. Batanes M.S. Biology (June 2018)
Angelo Joshua A. Victoris M.S. Biology (June 2018)
Philip Ariel P. Alfonso B.S. Biology (June 2019)
Ronica Nia P. Valdez B.S. Biology (June 2019)


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