Luis Maria B. Garcia, D.F.Sc.

Professor 5
Physiology Academic Group (PAG) Head
Doctorate in Fisheries Science, Hokkaido University, Japan, 1998
Research Lab:


Biology 1 (Contemporary Topics in Biology)
Biology 119 (Fish Biology),
Biology 122 (Animal Physiology)
Biology 161 (Field Biology)
Biology 196 (Undergraduate Seminar)
Biology 200 (Undergraduate Thesis Research)
Biology 220 (Chemical Physiology)
Biology 227 (Vertebrate Physiology)
Biology 228 (Physiology of Animal Reproduction)
Biology 299 (Graduate Seminar)
Biology 300 (MSc Thesis Research)
Biology 400 (PhD Dissertation Research)


My research interests include fish reproduction, aquaculture, and aquatic biology.




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