Zenith Gaye A. Orozco, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor 6
Physiology Academic Group Member
Ph.D. Aquatic Bioscience
Animal Physiology


BIO 11
BIO 122 (Chemical Physiology)
BIO 220 (Advanced Animal Physiology)


Nutrigenomics and Physiological studies in Aquatic organisms.





Orozco, Z.G.A., Soma, S., Kaneko, T., Watanabe, S., 2018. Spatial mRNA expression and response to fasting and refeeding of neutral amino acid transporters slc6a18 and slc6a19a in the intestinal epithelium of Mozambique tilapia. Frontiers in Physiology, 9, 212.

Orozco, Z.G.A., Soma, S., Kaneko, T., Watanabe, S., 2017. Effects of fasting and refeeding on gene expression of slc15a1a, a gene encoding an oligopeptide transporter (PepT1), in the intestine of Mozambique tilapia. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B. Molecular Biology 203, 76 – 83.

Orozco, Z.G.A., Sumbing, J.G., Lebata-Ramos, M.J.H., Watanabe, S., 2014. Apparent digestibility coefficient of nutrients from shrimp, mussel, diatom and seaweed by juvenile Holothuria scabra Jaeger. Aquaculture Research 45, 1153 – 1163.

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Alava, V.R., Quinitio, E.T., De Pedro, J.B., Priolo, F.M.P., Orozco Z.G.A., Wille M., 2007. Lipids and fatty acids in wild and pond-reared mud crab Scylla serrata (Forsskål) during ovarian maturation and spawning. Aquaculture Research, 38, 1468-1477.

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Conference papers

Orozco, Z.G.A., Soma, S., Kaneko, T., Watanabe, S., 2017. Spatial expressions and responses to nutrient condition in intestine-specific amino acid transporters in the intestinal epithelium of Mozambique tilapia. In: Taiwan-Japan Joint Symposium on Fish Physiology 2018 book of abstracts.

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Orozco, Z.G.A., Soma, S., Kaneko, T., Watanabe, S., 2016. Response of peptide transporter SLC15A1 in the intestinal epithelial cells of tilapia Orechromis mossambicus to fasting and refeeding. In: Aquaculture 2016 Meeting abstract.

Watanabe, S., Kodama, M., Orozco, Z.G.A., Sumbing, J.G., Novilla, S.R.M., Ramos, M.J.H., 2015. Estimation of energy budget of sea cucumber, Holothuria scabra, in integrated multi-trophic aquaculture. In: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Resource Enhancement and Sustainable Aquaculture Practices in Southeast Asia 2014. 307 – 308.

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