• Immunopharmacology Research Laboratory 2019


    Joyce A. Ibana, Ph.D. (Head)
    Associate Professor 3
    Ph.D. Microbiology and Immunology
    Reproductive Immunology, Host-Pathogen Interactions, Drug Discovery
    Ivan Imperial, M.D.
    Ph.D. Biology Student
    Michael Angelo Nicdao
    Ph.D. Biology Student
    Giann Dellosa
    MS Biology Student
    Janina Guarte
    MS Microbiology Student
    Troyss Pilapil
    MS Microbiology Student
    (Research Institute for Tropical Medicine)
    Maevel Romero
    MS Microbiology Student
    Ronald Lanze Malicse
    BS Biology Student
    Jean Phillip Ambata
    BS Biology Student
    Justine Karl Patrick Dantes
    BS Biology Student


    Sandra Jelyn Cutay
    MS Microbiology
    Entrepreneur/Graphic Artist
    Science Researcher
    Edjohn Aaron Macauyag
    MS Microbiology
    Department of Biotechnology and Advance Science
    Graduate School of Engineering
    Osaka University
    Malem Flores
    MS Microbiology
    PhD Student
    Biomedical Science and Translational Medicine
    Universita’ degli Studi di Brescia
    Ryan John Pascual
    MS Aquaculture student, VLIRUOS scholar
    Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
    Ghent University
    Remo Vittorio Thaddeus Abella
    BS Biology
    MD Student
    University of the Philippines, College of Medicine
    Bernard Dominic Magan
    BS Biology
    Research Assistant
    APAC Bioskills Corporation
    Michael Jonathan Palad
    BS Biology
    MD Student
    Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health
    Glenmarie Angelica Perias
    BS Biology
    MD-PhD student
    University of the Philippines, College of Medicine
    Carl Adrian Roma
    BS Biology
    MD student
    University of the Philippines, College of Medicine
    John Clyde Co Soriano
    BS Biology
    MS-PhD program in Life Science and Technology
    Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Vincent David I. Alejandro Jr.
    B.S. In Information Technology
    Content Editor
    Reed Elsevier
    Fredmore Orosco
    Ph.D. Biology
    Marine Science Institute
    Francis Fontanilla
    MS Biology
    Technical Service Scientist
    Qiagen Business Services

    Student Achievements:

  • The Immunopharmacology Laboratory operates a Microbiology, Cell Biology, Immunology, and Molecular Biology laboratory in a facility primarily based at the Institute of Biology. We also conduct experiments in our collaborators’ laboratories and core facilities at the College of Science, University of the Philippines, Diliman

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    • Nicdao, MAC, Co Soriano, JC, Rivera, WL, and Ibana JA. The ciprofloxacin resistance of Lactobacillus species isolated from probiotic food products in the Philippines is due to mutations in gyrB and parC genes. Philippine Science Letters Special Issue of Microbiology 2020.
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    • Imperial, I.C. and Ibana, J.A., 2016. Addressing the antibiotic resistance problem with probiotics: reducing the risk of its double-edged sword effect. Frontiers in Microbiology, 7.
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    • Ibana, J.A., Cutay, S.J., Romero, M. and Schust, D.J., 2016. Parallel Expression of Enzyme Inhibitors of CD8T Cell Activity in Tumor Microenvironments and Secretory Endometrium. Reproductive Sciences, 23(3), pp.289-301.