The DNA Barcoding Laboratory (DBL) aims to generate DNA barcodes in order to populate the Philippine faunal database. As of 2014, DBL has already generated DNA barcodes from 83 species from the Philippines, which include birds, fishes, snails, and nematodes, with more barcodes expected in the coming years. DBL also elucidates phylogenetic relationships of Philippine endemic taxa using molecular markers other than the DNA barcode sequences. DBL was established in 2008 and received and continues to receive funding support from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development of UP Diliman, the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Center for Integrative and Developmental Studies of the UP System, the Department of Science and Technology, Commission on Higher Education, and the Energy Development Corporation. Since 2008, DBL has already published 37 papers from the works of many graduate and undergraduate thesis students.