• The research lab is involved in the screening of natural products using cellular and organismal functional assays. The assays used include lymphocyte proliferation assay, macrophage phagocytic activity and reactive oxygen species production (respiratory burst assay), lysozyme activity, lipid peroxidation activity, smooth muscle motility and cardiac muscle properties. Other research activities include histopathological examination of samples in toxicological studies of various compounds. The lab has a satellite animal (mice and rat) facility where organismal functional studies could be undertaken.

  • Elena S. Catap
    Ms. Leonora P. Nudo – PhD Biology student
    Ms. Anna Danica Tameta – PhD Biology student
    Ms. Mellissa C. Alcantara – MS Biology student & IB Instructor
    Ms. Charmaine Peredas – MS Biology student, Research Assistant & Lecturer
    Ms. Ma. Rexie R. Jimenez – MS Biology student, Research Assistant
    Mr. Phil Morano – MS Biology student
    Mr. Romeo Rebusi _ MS Biology student & Lecturer

  • Research Laboratory – Biological safety cabinet, CO2 incubator, inverted microscope with camera, bright-field microscope with image analyzer, refrigerated centrifuge, plate reader/spectrophotometer, lab incubator, pharmaceutical refrigerator, PowerLab with organ bath, water bath, homogenizers, rotary evaporators, analytical balance.

    Animal House/Facility – mice and rat cages with metal lids and waterers; experimental room for live animals with exhaust fans and AC, weighing balance, dehumidifiers.

    • Mitigation of Water Temperature Fluctuation Effects and Disease Susceptibility in Aquacultured Species (Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus) Through Enhancement of the Immune Response – UPD-NSRI-funded
    • Bioactive Plant Compounds as Immunotherapeutic Agents for Secondary Immunodeficiency Disorders – PCHRD-DOST funded
    • Catap, E.S., Jimenez, M.R.R. and Tumbali, P. 2015. Immunostomualtory and anti-oxidative properties of corn silk from Zea mays L. in Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, International Journal of Fisheries and Aquaculture, 6:30-36.
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    • Nudo, L.P. and Catap, E.S.. 2012. Anti-immunosuppressive Effects of Chromolaena odorata
      (Lf.) King & Robinson (Asteraceae) Leaf Extract in Cyclophosphamide-injected Balb/C Mice. Philippine Journal of Science, 141:35-43.
    • Nudo, L.P. and E.S. Catap. 2011. Immunostimulatory effects of Uncaria perrottetii (A. Rich.) Merr. (Rubiacea) vinebark aqueous extract in Balb/C mice. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 133:613-620.
    • Jumawan, J., T.L. Salunga, and E.S. Catap. 2010. Lipid peroxidation and patterns of cadmium and lead accumulation in the vital organs of the suckermouth armored catfish Pterygoplichthys Gill, 1858 from Marikina River, Philippines. Journal of Applied Science in Environmental Sanitation, 5:375-390.