Full time faculty members doing extension work can apply for an extension load credit (ELC) to partially satisfy their required load of 12 units per semester, but ELC shall not be used as basis for claiming honorarium for overload teaching. Instructors doing extension work without Study Load Credit (SLC) are also eligible to apply.

The deadline for ELC applications are usually due around the beginning of every academic semester.

The following documents are required for ELC applications and must be submitted to the IB’s Deputy Director for Research & Extension (DDRE) for review prior to submission to the College of Science:

  • A fully accomplished ELC application Form 1*
  • A progress report Form 2 with all supporting documents (from previous ELC, if applicable)
  • Justification letter (if total ELC and RLC exceeds 6 units)

Supporting documents should also include the following (if applicable):

  • Letter of appointment, agreement (e.g. MOA, MTA, notarized agreements and contracts, etc.), support letter, or proof of collaboration.
  • Attendance of participants (for IB sponsored/co-sponsored workshops and trainings)
  • Evaluation forms accomplished by participants (you may also use a different evaluation form)

*Please ensure that all applications follow the IB ELC Guidelines and the IB Extension Agenda and all forms must be signed. No need for the director’s signature yet, as this will still be reviewed by the IB Extension Committee.

A general instruction may be obtained from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Development (OVCRD) website.