The following documents are required for RLC applications and must be submitted to the IB’s Deputy Director for Research & Extension (DDRE) for review prior to submission to the College of Science:

  • Fully accomplished OVCRD application forms (UP Form 67-C & C1d) obtained from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Development (OVCRD) website
  • signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) of the project
  • Progress/final report (UP Form 67-C1d​) or publications
  • Updated LIB (esp. re-aligned budget)

All RLC applications must indicate the appropriate IB research agenda per project. Faculty members who are project leaders (supervising at least 1 researcher) may apply for 3 units of RLC per project. Only projects with a MOA will be considered as a project for RLC purposes.

Faculty members may apply for a maximum of 3 units of RLC through Personally Funded Projects. New faculty members may apply for 3 units of RLC with ‘submission of a project proposal’ as target deliverables (see Implementing Rules and Regulations for Personally Funded Projects). All personally funded projects must include a project contract.

The deadline for RLC applications are usually due around the beginning of every academic semester.