Invertebrate Museum Curator:
Jonathan A. Anticamara, Ph.D.

Invertebrate Museum Co-Curators:
Dr. Christine Jewel C. Uy-Yabut

Fees for Certificate of Identification:
Php 300.00 – non-UP students
Php 500.00 – non-UP and non-Students
Php 500.00 – UP and non-student

For your specimens to be accommodated, email your inquiries to 
Please include the following information in your email:

a. Name/s
b. Name of School/Company
c. Taxa of specimens for ID (e.g. fish, mollusks, insects etc.) NOTE: For non- invertebrate and non-fish taxa (e.g. plants, mammals, etc.), check IB website for other museum services
d. Purpose of certification/authentication
e. Date collected
f. Collection site
g. Contact number
h. Email
i. Name and E-mail of Faculty Adviser (if certification is for thesis purposes)
j. Include copy of Gratuitous Permit/s for specimens collected in the Wild
k. Photo of your specimen/s before preserving in alcohol

If specimen is soft bodied or contains living tissue, preserve in 70% ethyl alcohol(placed in a sealed container) or freeze before submission. Dried specimens such as empty shells do not have to be kept in preservative fluid.

Sort specimens according to morphospecies before submission. Label your container/s appropriately. Download label here.

Please wait for a confirmation email before dropping by to submit your specimens.

Payment will be made upon submission of specimens.