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Become immortals but the immortal king has never asked about it, and there is no wave in their hearts, and they will not take action because of the fall of their descendants when they are.

Between you and me, don t let qingyi get involved what s the point of saying so much, if you don t accept it, just fight shi hao still said the same thing surrounded by many people, they.

Pale, his vitality was seriously injured, and dao ji was shattered near him, there is a burst of vitality, strong and intractable, it is the pan peach elixir, and it has obviously been.

They heard loud cries, can i use cbd oil topically they were extremely sad, not just one creature was crying this made the white clothed man who was transformed into the master of the restricted area froze, and his.

Cultivating to the supreme realm under the age of 500 is like Well Being Cbd Gummies Reviews ned cbd oil a fairy tale how many years have there been such creatures thinking about it carefully, only in the era when the strongest.

Were amazed that huang from the lower realm was so tough and dared to fight ao gan, and they were amazed at their relationship many monks looked at qingyi together ned cbd oil it was this woman who.

Into dust, and when the big hand fell, it became silent and became ned cbd oil cosmic dust immortal king ao sheng covers everything with one hand, and everything dies boom another big hand appeared.

Right after a long time, king pan nodded, and then, a drop of blood flowed out from the void and fell down it was so bright that it was even more dazzling than the sun fortunately, this.

Mouth, and in front of him, a drop of the blood of the immortal king burned and turned into a stream of light, covering them boom with a loud noise, they pierced through the universe and.

The world in the eyes of the xiandao family, qingyi s ned cbd oil value is too great in the past, fairy qingyue was the most powerful ned cbd oil among true immortals, she was not far from the immortal king.

Now he finally understands part of the truth huang, I will suppress you today ao gan made a move, and between his palms, there .

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ned cbd oil

ned cbd oil How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last, Cbd For Sleep cbd oil for arthritus Cbd Gummies With Thc. was a great radiance, the sky was filled with sacred.

Be even ned cbd oil more terrifying ao sheng a fairy king got angry I don t accept threats, ao sheng said indifferently do you want me to suppress you together cbd gummies bad reactions later hunyuan immortal king said if the.

Wang s lineage intend to marry, and the chosen offspring are these ned cbd oil two people embarrassed, pan yi touched his nose with his hand, then stepped onto the ring, and sent a voice transmission.

The corpse on the straw mat that s right shi hao came to a sudden, nodded secretly, and only lei di, besides him, who else could make lei ling so sad although he didn t know that the lei.

Fragrant the guests attending the meeting sat on the green grass under the tree, with jade tables in front of them the delicious food and wine had already been placed, and the white ned cbd oil mist.

Hao used his own method, using his body as the seed, the sea of wheels glowed, forming a yin and yang diagram on his abdomen, spreading out, covering his whole body at this moment, he is.

So easy to cbd oil for cat peeing recover three tricks, see if you can take it ao qian said indifferently, and then raised a palm it s really embarrassing, what should I do if I accidentally beat you to death.

Later let go of qingyi, let her come over ao gan said, his eyes were sharp, like two fairy swords, shooting out the sword light, which was extremely frightening it can be seen that there.

Eyes they are not humanoid creatures, but now they are full of emotions, with sad expressions, immersed in an extremely sad mood wow suddenly, another voice came from the cave, which made.

Master of the restricted area sighed who did cbd oil for arthritus Cbd For Sleep Gummies they bring back shi hao asked the pup, signaling lei ling s direction thunder emperor puppy only had two words, which revealed the identity of.

Is really a sword light flowing in his eyes what are you, how can you order me shi hao stared at him coldly qingyi s eyes were soft, standing beside shi hao, looking sideways at him.

Medicinal properties of flat best cbd oil for dogs with arthritis australia peaches were forced out by the master of the restricted area he didn t want shi hao to use this as an opportunity to break ned cbd oil through, because he would only be.

Destroy this world this stick of incense is equivalent to a lighthouse after being lit, it can attract the creatures in the world and guide them on the way forward if they are allowed to.

Extremely powerful race not to mention all of lei ling, it is almost the same because, according to ancient books, lei ling is very rare, and there are only .

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Cbd For Sleep cbd oil for arthritus, ned cbd oil Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies Thc And Cbd Gummies. a few hundred pieces found in.

Frontier war, causing the creatures in the foreign land to be shocked now, after arriving here, there was an inexplicable resonance, and Institute Of Biology ned cbd oil the sound of scriptures sounded soon, a crack.

Immortal kings cannot be used the man in white sighed you re looking for that legendary Institute Of Biology ned cbd oil place some people have been to it, but they all failed king pan said that s the matter between me.

Shi hao heard it, his heart twitched where he wondered king pan was expressionless, but nodded secretly the young man didn t panic when he heard that the two immortal kings were going to.

Earth fell apart, pan yi played a heavy hand, displaying great supernatural powers puff the corner of ao gan s mouth was bleeding, he glared ultra cbd gummies 300mg angrily, and said, how dare you attack me.

With, he still couldn t help cbd oil on airplanes pleading shi hao let go of ao gan, and threw him on the ring, blood spilled, and Institute Of Biology ned cbd oil the entire stage ned cbd oil was dark red, it was the blood of the supreme being flowing.

True with a sound of swipe, pan yi stepped forward like a ghost, came to ao gan s side, and patted him on the back what do you want to do, you also want to fight with me ao gan shouted.

The sky with a tiny body and can kill the descendants of the immortal king especially, after knowing that shi hao became enlightened thousands of years ago and stepped into the taboo line.

Face, and sat there, not angry but majestic compared with ao gan, a young adult of the ao family, and pan yi, a celestial figure of the pan family, he was even better than him, and all.

Unknowingly vast star field at once, and grabbed it straight to the starry sky at this moment, wan ling is terrified the monks ned cbd oil What Is Cbd Gummies of all races were shocked, and their hearts were terrified.

Above all heroes, suppresses all ways, and is truly invincible in this situation if it is given a title, it may be called emperor in the field of humanity, said an ancient true immortal.

Kill the immortal king it was posted on my wechat you can check it out, search for chen dong on wechat, add chen dong, and send me the word big murder to see it in the pantao garden, many.

Lost all his essence and blood, his vitality was extinguished, and there is not a single fragment .

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ned cbd oil

ned cbd oil How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last, Cbd For Sleep cbd oil for arthritus Cbd Gummies With Thc. of his soul left, so he is doomed to fail the puppy said for thousands of years, it has.

Body froze immediately the other Broad Spectrum Cbd ned cbd oil three old monsters were also frightened and fixed there shi hao was stunned, he felt a familiar aura, and then he saw a certain cbd oil for arthritus Cbd For Sleep Gummies kind of creature, it.

Forcing me, ned cbd oil said the master of the restricted area coldly a generation of immortal kings has fallen, and their obsessions will not .

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Best Cbd Gummies On Amazon ned cbd oil Best Cbd Gummies, cbd oil for arthritus. dissipate, ao sheng said indifferently deep ned cbd oil in another.

Made fist marks, and then blasted on his chest puff the front and back are transparent, and a blood hole appears shi hao pierced through ao gan with a punch, bathed in the true blood of.

Is more intense, with inexplicable fluctuations this is the place where shi hao s expression is calm, nothing can be seen here at all, he wants to get closer to see what s going on but.

Was coveted, but it was obtained by huang no one could speak, this was won in the battle of cbd oil bruises huang in the depths cbd oil for arthritus Cbd For Sleep Gummies of the fairy king s cave, an old tree is dormant like a real dragon, ned cbd oil its.

For everything to be empty what else, is there no vision asked the Institute Of Biology ned cbd oil master of the restricted area at the last moment, I seemed to see the immortal king of endlessness, he smiled at me, and.

Chain mail, flowing with brilliant brilliance, like a king looking down on all people, .

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and possesses an intimidating aura Vegan Cbd Gummy cbd oil for arthritus of a strong man there are strands of chaotic energy overflowing.

Come over, it is enough to destroy a world stop, I ll .

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Cbd For Sleep cbd oil for arthritus, ned cbd oil Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies Thc And Cbd Gummies. wait for the famine to be safe stop those few shouts were all from the oldest fairy king, they were really terrified regarding.

Restricted area had already prepared for it he knew that after his death, he had limited strength left, so he used a secret technique to make the stick of incense difficult to be.

Several meters long, Vegan Cbd Gummy cbd oil for arthritus with a golden body, was one of the ned cbd oil most powerful leaders among them, hissing up to the sky, showing anger the other lei ling whimpered, with tears rolling down their.

Became cold, how cbd oil for arthritus Cbd For Sleep Gummies could is cbd oil legal he fight for it huang, dare to fight ao gan stopped drinking everyone in the ao family showed excitement, especially those who had been to jiefen, they all clenched.

Fingertips, the starry sky was annihilated cbd oil for arthritus Cbd For Sleep Gummies and turned into nothingness it was so terrifying that it was enough to make a true immortal horrified this is the immortal king taishi, also one.

Immediately this is what an ancient true immortal said in person he is the ancestor of the pan family, and his status is second only to king pan everyone was surprised that they were.

Scattered by huang s punch, which suppressed him immediately not to mention resistance, it depends on shi hao s will to survive, as long as he exerts a little force, he will disintegrate.

Universe several times, constantly changing regions finally, they came to a desolate starry ned cbd oil sky, and then descended on an ancient and dry star this is a living planet, but it is dead many.

Have entered the dharma ending era, and the way for monks has been cut off staying here is like being trapped in a cage I was hostile by some forces in the fairyland I had no choice.

Beautiful to best cbd oil for schizophrenia the extreme and some flat peach trees are old and vigorous, like a horned dragon, already full of fruits, red peaches, exuding red clouds, with divine brilliance, and.

And .

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cbd oil for arthritus Best Cbd Gummies Best Cbd Oil For Sleep ned cbd oil Institute Of Biology. the universe and starry sky returned to tranquility shi hao witnessed .

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  • What Is Green Cbd Gummies
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Best Cbd Gummies On Amazon ned cbd oil Best Cbd Gummies, cbd oil for arthritus. all of this, the grand will, the incomparable law, suppressed him so hard to move, his body almost burst here is.

His eyebrows turned towards pan yi many people suddenly showed strange colors when they heard the words because, there have been rumors for a long time that hunyuan immortal king and pan.

Illuminate an era it s a pity, it s a pity that none of Institute Of Biology ned cbd oil those geisha talents died young, and none of them reached the end, and none of them achieved the throne of immortal king the ones.

Contained the pan peach elixir, and handed it forward no, this is yours, I hope you ned cbd oil can become a fairy ned cbd oil as soon as possible, qingyi said shi hao took back the jade tripod, thinking.

Blossom festival, it is not appropriate to kill, and your lives are spared shi hao said flatly this immediately caused a commotion, and many people were amazed that huang from the lower.

With me, I don t mind find a good place and fight to the death pretending pan yi only had one word secretly, and it was aimed at ao gan full spectrum cbd oil 750 mg then, he gave up and didn t make any more moves.

Very large and beautiful, with crystal green leaves, pink peach blossoms, colorful fallen petals, and bright red fruits with a fruity fragrance the guests in each area are different.

The chance I won for you said the master of the restricted area at this moment, he floated beside shi hao, besides, the crystal skull, golden bone palm, and blood ned cbd oil dripping eyeballs also.

Suppressed by others and suffered a crushing defeat he claims to be invincible in the field of humanism, sweeping the masters of does cbd gummies work for sex all ethnic groups, and it is hard to find a defeat after.

Village for buy dog cbd oil many years, and I will never let her down no matter what shi hao said when qingyi heard this, her face was as pale as snow, and she said, are you blaming me no, when remnant.

Otherwise I would also enter the fairyland shi hao said although you are in the lower realm, you are still walking ahead of us qingyi sighed softly, her beautiful eyes flashed brightly.

Piercing master wuzhu, how could you leave me and just leave like this, ned cbd oil I will never see you again, you are the supreme fairy king, how could you wither, after thousands of generations.

Many living fossils have melted away you defeated the jin family and the feng family these people were shocked however, if you think about it seriously, shi hao has enough strength, and.

Two finally had the opportunity to sit together again not long after, banxian, daxutuo, princess yaoyue and others all came over one after another to reminisce about the old days with shi.

Seen clearly hearing this, shi hao sighed, he possessed leidi s inheritance, and he had even obtained a piece of broken armor, which can be regarded as having a lot of karma shi hao.

Fairy king rose, there were those kind of people who were born holy, with peerless courage, and bloomed brightly in the era of vitality are uly cbd gummies legit such Vegan Cbd Gummy cbd oil for arthritus a creature, as long as there is one, it will.

Person, so he decided to take the shot many years ago, my ancestor went to the broken world with a fairy king to capture the ancestor sacrifice spirit I think you are his disciple today.

Please stop at this time, there were several shouts, and someone sacrificed the law to block ao sheng s overwhelming blow strange changes have taken place in the immortal realm this vast.

Qualification, cbd gummy bears 10mg and only those who understand him can understand his glorious journey too strong, actually defeated the young adults of the ao family, and still so confident, I m a little.

Men, let me give you a chance in the realm of humanity, dragons and tigers will fight for hegemony whoever wins will be rewarded with an immortal peach medicine take it and become a fairy.

This is amazing up to now, there is no evidence to show hemp bombs cbd oil review that a person can be reincarnated when one dies, one dies how could there be an afterlife however, fairy qingyue was different.

Strong men of the ao family all looked ugly, ao qian was actually defeated, and the undefeated tianjiao of their clan was captured alive and could be suppressed and killed at any time ao.

Rest of his life the master of the restricted area turned into a handsome man with his hands behind his back, sighed softly, and said, I m in big trouble you know that the immortal realm.

Pan himself, planted in the land of good fortune, and contains the fragments of the avenue this kind of ned cbd oil fruit is ned cbd oil only one piece, as long as it is eaten by ordinary people, it will be able.

Extraordinary these two people are those who can follow ao qian are not ordinary people, but the top powerhouses among the supreme beings these two masters have practiced taoism for.

Their fists, eager for ao gan to take action and personally suppress huang .

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  • Cbd magnesium oil
  • Cbd oil hemp balm 50 mg
  • Can you cook with cbd oil
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  • Cbd gummies delta

cbd oil for arthritus Best Cbd Gummies Best Cbd Oil For Sleep ned cbd oil Institute Of Biology. my brother has made a move, one farm cbd oil who can defeat him ao kun said to himself he still doesn t know that not long ago.

Him again, people have self knowledge I will fight you finally, someone appeared on the stage this was a woman with .

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  • Does Cbd Oil Come Out On Dot Drug Tests
  • What Is The Best Cbd Oil For Depression
  • How Often Should I Use Cbd Oil
  • Can You Flavor Cbd Oil
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  • How To Use Cbd Oil In A Vaporizer
  • Where To Get Cbd Oil In Richmond Bc

Cbd For Sleep cbd oil for arthritus, ned cbd oil Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies Thc And Cbd Gummies. a slender Broad Spectrum Cbd ned cbd oil and strong figure she had a good appearance, but she had a.

Will not be able to hide the ned cbd oil truth boom suddenly, pan yi moved, like a humanoid tyrannosaurus rushing forward, so fast, the thunder struck do you dare ao gan was ned cbd oil startled and angry he.

Could see that huang was fearless, especially in this arena, if he really provoked him, he directly killed ao gan, it was ned cbd oil too late for regret they felt that some people harbored malicious.

And him said the master of the restricted area to be continued looking for a place the master of the restricted area turned into a man in white, expressionless king pan looked dignified.

Started before the sacrifice was completed, and an inexplicable voice came out of his body .

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Cbd For Sleep cbd oil for arthritus, ned cbd oil Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies Thc And Cbd Gummies. he transforms freely how could shi hao not be surprised, he had manifested this skill during the.

Participate in this grand event there are one peach tree after another, some of which are still blooming with pink flowers, and the falling petals are colorful, with light and rain.

Ancestor s spirit, how about letting your descendants weigh huang and lead out the person behind him said a fairy king indifferently you can t wait to mess around, king pan said in a deep.

That is the young adult of the ao family, he is invincible, pushing his opponents all the way, never having a defeat, today jushang was injured by huang daxutuo and princess yaoyue saw.

Doomed to annihilate both body and spirit, but how long is a cbd gummy in your system he reassembled immediately ao sheng shi hao growled the veins on his forehead were throbbing, this time he was so weak, under the blow of.

Incense bears a huge karma shi hao didn t know that a huge crisis had already happened to him the immortal realm is boundless and prosperous, rich in undead substances it is indeed a pure.

There are real immortal areas, and there are monk areas in the human realm, and the fruits offered hempworx thc free cbd oil are also different the highest place is Vegan Cbd Gummy cbd oil for arthritus also the pan family immortal king s cave mansion.

Strokes, a huge dragon sprang up from shi hao s spine, his limbs were like the four poles of heaven and earth, and he suppressed huntian, causing blood to bleed from the corner of her.

Under his feet was disappearing, and behind him was the boundless starry sky as for the planet and the crack in the void, they have long since disappeared shi hao walked forward, the road.

And everyone knew the star field ruled by king pan everyone knows that a gai dai genius has risen, defeated pan yi, ao gan and others, and aspired to the throne of the number one person.

Walked over, authenticated and worshiped, this is the corpse of one of the ten evil ones, known as the thunder emperor, originally an astonishing talent the eyes of hundreds of thunder.

Who rose last were ao sheng, hunyuan immortal king and others even, those unrivaled wizards died green otter cbd gummies where to buy in the hands of ao sheng, hunyuan immortal king, and pan king in the subsequent hegemony.

Realm was so strong that even ao gan s followers were no match for him mr ao, thank you for accompanying me all the way qing yi lightly parted her red lips, not waiting for ao qian to.

To talk nonsense, he fought if he refused to accept, whoever was afraid of whom at this point, some unrivaled powerhouses in the book should also come out and put a picture, who dares to.

Still look down on all the tribes now they have defeated all the young adults of the ao family ned cbd oil it s really amazing not to mention the others, they came from the powerful clans in the.

He will .

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ned cbd oil How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last, Cbd For Sleep cbd oil for arthritus Cbd Gummies With Thc. become a supreme existence like that even if they are separated by hundreds of millions of miles, separated by countless seas of stars, they will still be perceived let s go, that.

Hunyuan immortal king, and she is one of the most powerful supreme beings in the world, with terrifying combat power boom without any words, the battle started immediately after she came.

Disappeared from here in this crossing of the city, they continued to walk through many seas of stars, crossing starry sky after starry sky, and the journey was endless hole through the.

Spread to the great domain ruled by king pan all living beings hear it, from the trembling of the soul immortal king aocheng wants to kill the .

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  • Can Cbd Oil Be Shipped To Tx
  • Where To By Cbd Oil For Dogs Near Me
  • How Many C60 Cbd Oil Companies
  • Can A Dog Overdose On Cbd Gummies
  • Can Cbd Oil Help With Schizophrenia
  • Can Cbd Oil Help A Cold

cbd oil for arthritus Best Cbd Gummies Best Cbd Oil For Sleep ned cbd oil Institute Of Biology. wilderness qingyi shouted, her face was snow.

By mist the master of the restricted zone was also here, telling shi hao that there was a crisis I want to take you to a place, but the two immortal kings may want to take your life after.

Universe was in turmoil, and the sound of scriptures shook the world boom when the fierce battle reached 1,200 moves, ao gan was coughed up blood by shi hao s vision, and then shi hao.

Demeanor, he looked calmer than before, not angry but mighty, with a kind of courage to suppress the world bai ze and zi kun secretly screamed, because the current huang is completely.

Dares to stand shoulder to shoulder with the inheritance cbd gummies kentucky of the immortal king, but it is just crazy words, and he does not recognize it at all you went to the false god realm again and.

Stood up and begged in public in any case, this strong man from the ao family has taken good care of her all these years, even if he knew that shi hao and him were difficult to .

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  • 10 Benefits of cbd gummies
  • Cbd gummies 1000mg
  • Dr juan rivera cbd gummies
  • Where can I get cbd gummies for pain
  • Is it legal to fly with cbd oil

cbd oil for arthritus Best Cbd Gummies Best Cbd Oil For Sleep ned cbd oil Institute Of Biology. get along.

And be torn apart in mid air by the shock they are so strong that they both know that once they let go of everything, it will be a terrible thing now that he has no strength to fight.

Filling the sky with a fragrant fragrance this looks beautiful, but ned cbd oil it is extremely dangerous it belongs to the diffusion of the field, which seriously distorts the void, turning this.

Emitting a soft light, blocking ao sheng s hand, and filling this dead place with life pan king an indifferent voice came from ao sheng afterwards, a finger slid across the universe, it.

These years, she has been working hard, trying to use some powerful forces to ensure huang s safety and lead him up from the lower realm in the end, shi hao came, but she also heard the.

In the field of humanity, which is almost indisputable huang has become famous, and ned cbd oil What Is Cbd Gummies it doesn t matter if people don t want to know about it it s just this battle, which shakes the starry.

Kill him he ned cbd oil was indeed a little courageous the land of heaven, the land of good fortune, the land of strangeness the lord of the forbidden area said, according to what he said, it is so.

The greatest value is that others can learn from cbd oil for sale in new orleans it if you can walk .

through the cycle of reincarnation, it will be shocking to the entire practice world and the entire history of practice.

White, showing panic, and she was extremely sad for an instant banxian, ned cbd oil shi yi, princess yaoyue, tuogu yulong and cbd oil for arthritus Cbd For Sleep Gummies others all changed their colors they knew that shi hao was in danger, and.

Here, and several other tianzong characters were also present, who could be the opponent ao gan appeared and was the first on stage he has thick hair and a heroic appearance he wears a.

This clan, and they are ultimately powerful if cost of cbd oil at cvs his elders give careful guidance, he will achieve the immortal position faster this is a potential seed that is expected to become the.

Forward to dissuade him for a moment, they were afraid of ao qian, they were originally ordered by the just cbd gummy ribbons 1000mg true immortal of this clan to pick up shi hao however, the pan family joined in.

You two go up together shi hao s eyes were sharp, and when he raised his hand, the sun, moon and stars surrounded his palms, thunder and waterfalls followed one after another he saw how.

Shi hao said more aggressively everyone around was startled, the two of them were going to use all their strength in three moves to decide the outcome and life or death kill ao gan.

Moment, shi hao didn t know how far he had traveled, across a large universe finally reached near the ancient cave, it spews out the chaos and fairy mist, which is hazy, impenetrable.

Current strike is no different from a big duel with thousands of moves it is a matter of life and death in a single move winning is winning, losing is losing, there is no other choice.

Panwang mansion, .

Why Don T Doctors Like Cbd Oil ?

ned cbd oil How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last, Cbd For Sleep cbd oil for arthritus Cbd Gummies With Thc. you dare to talk to me like this, believe it or not, I will give you an order to make your head fall off ao gan s words were indifferent, with a slight killing intent do.

After arriving here, he couldn t explain everything clearly he had only heard some secrets back then, and it was a great risk to come here today the puppy described in detail what.

Intentions to provoke the famine and kill ao gan in public huang, please be merciful and let ao gan go the members of the ao family stood up and cupped their hands towards the ring shi.

A move at the same time, there was a terrifying aura it was the is proper cbd gummies legit power of a stick of incense after being ignited by the fairy fire, it caused incredible things to happen this universe.

Thunder and lightning universe, and poured out puff the secret techniques performed by the man and woman were all scattered, and they themselves were even more shocked, convulsed all.

Ling clan had followed lei di, but from lei ling devouring lei ting and feeding on lightning, he could guess that they must have a great cause and effect with lei di it s that person, it.

Soul imprint, it would have no effect here unless this corpse is buried here, and the corpse is psychic, and it is conceived here, maybe an unrivaled powerhouse will emerge after endless.

And he was held by his arm he was in mid air, and he wanted to resist, but his whole body was powerless because, his whole body was imprisoned, his mana was dry, and he was completely.

Casts a spell on behalf of the master of the restricted area, and dies for him immortal king lore, want to get rid of the death calamity, it is not easy, only the blood of the immortal.

Pan peach elixir longevity tree, immortal flat peach elixir, there is only one mother plant, and the fruit it bears contains rich immortal essence, especially it was cultivated by king.

Stronger the sound of hunyuan dao scriptures roared, shaking shi hao s energy and blood he had never met such a brave woman who dared to attack him so fiercely boom at fourteen hundred.

According to rumors, this female monk named qingyi is very extraordinary, she is suspected to be the reincarnation of an ancient real fairy, and she is also the famous and scary qingyue.

Place, this section of the road looks close, and you can hear the crying in the ancient cave, but when you really walk forward, you find that your feet are so strange in just such a short.

Back, it is too easy for the other ned cbd oil party to kill him below the arena, the monks from all sides were silent and silent this result made them unbelievable ao gan was defeated, and it was a.