Deputy Director for Research and Extension (DDRE)

To assist the Director in the planning and implementation of the research programs of the Institute. To coordinate with the faculty and staff as well as external agencies and/or entities the extension activities of the Institute. Specifically, the DDRE is tasked to: (1) lead in the development of research and extension programs of the Institute through a series of consultations with the different academic groups and with faculty members; (2) work with funding institutions in identifying their research and training priorities and how IB’s expertise and interest can be tapped; (3) report on a regular basis on the progress of these programs; and, (4) work with other Deputy Directors in preparing reporting requirements needed by the central administration and funding institutions.

8740145 Michael C. Velarde, Ph.D.
Deputy Director for Research & Extension (DDRE)

Research Committee: To evaluate and recommend proposals for funding. To evaluate and endorse progress reports of approved projects. It is chaired by the Director and its members include the DDRE, DDAA, and one representative from each Academic Group who has a PhD degree and on-going research project.

Chair: Dr. Ian Kendrich C. Fontanilla (Ex-officio)

Dr. Michael C. Velarde (as DDRE)
Dr. Brian S. Santos (as DDAA)
Dr. Jessica D. Rey (GAG representative)
Dr. Ahmad Reza F. Mazahery (DBAG representative)
Dr. Jonathan A. Anticamara (ETAG representative)
Dr. Luis Maria B. Garcia (PAG representative)
Dr. Joyce A. Ibana (MCBAG representative)

Jose Vera Santos Memorial Herbarium Curator: To manage (documentation, preservation, retrieval, coordination with other herbaria) the collections available in the Herbarium. To coordinate the use of the Herbarium for teaching and research purposes.

Curator: Dr. Edwino S. Fernando
Dr. Lillian Jennifer V. Rodriguez

Invertebrate Museum Curator: Dr. Jonathan A. Anticamara

Vertebrate Museum Curator: Dr. Perry S. Ong
Dr. Carmela P. Española

Seminar, Workshop, and Information Dissemination (SWAID) Committee: To coordinate and announce the schedule of seminars to be held at the Institute and other venues as well as other pertinent information related to the academic activities of the Institute. To prepare brochures and other materials about the Institute. To maintain the IB website.

Chair and IB Information Officer: Dr. Lillian Jennifer V. Rodriguez

Dr. Joyce A. Ibana
Dr. Gil M. Penuliar
Mr. Nick Rainier S. Santos

The Chair of SWAID is also the IB Information Officer whose duties include:

  • generating, providing, and disseminating timely, accurate and quality information about the unit programs, policies, events, initiatives and other information to faculty, staff, students, alumni and the public;
  • writing statements and news stories of the events and initiatives in the unit for printing; submission, publication, and posting in the CU publications, website and social media accounts; and submission to the UP SIO for publication in the UP Newsletter, UP Forum, other UP system Information materials, and social media accounts.
    [Memorandum No. PAEP 13-09 dated 17 April 2013 entitled “Improving the UP Information System and Increasing Institutional Visibility” and Memorandum No. CAS-13-051 dated 16 September 2013”]


Biosafety Committee: To plan and recommend biological, chemical and physical safety measures at the Institute.

Chair and Safety, Health and Environment Officer: Dr. Gil M. Penuliar
Dr. Elena S. Catap, Dr. Carmela P. Española, Dr. Ivan Christian VJ Imperial, Mr. Leonard Yco, Mr. Edwin Balbin

Safety, Health and Environment Officer: Dr. Gil M. Penuliar

Pollution Control Officer: Dr. Jonathan A. Anticamara
Members: Dr. Elena S. Catap, Dr. Carmela P. Española, Dr. Gil M. Penuliar, Dr. Michael C. Velarde