• The Molecular Ecology and Systematics Laboratory (MESLab) is a research-oriented laboratory under the Ecology and Taxonomy Academic Group and the Genetics Academic Group of the Institute of Biology, University of the Philippines – Diliman. Established in 2012, the laboratory conducts ecological and taxonomic research on forest floras, primarily focusing on long-term dynamics on native tree communities. The facility mainly conducts DNA Barcoding and phenological surveys to achieve research goals. Currently, the laboratory conducts research on the DNA Barcoding of native flora, seed phenology and seed-seedling dynamics of various forest dynamic plots. Past and present funding includes CHED, DENR-BMB, OVCRE, OVPAA, DOST-PCAARRD and DOST-PCIEERD.

  • Jessica D. Rey, Ph.D. (Group Head)
    Assistant Professor 7
    Ph.D. Genetics
    Molecular Plant Genetics
    Charles Anthon E. Cardona, Ph.D. Candidate
    Science Research Specialist II
    Vonette Joi B. Padilla, M.Sc.
    University Research Associate I
    Juris Marie G. Garcia
    Science Research Analyst
    Meradel B. Lim Suan
    Science Research Analyst
    Mary Grace M. Burgos
    Science Research Analyst

    Graduate Students:

    Cadorna, Charles Anthon E.
    Nimanthika, Jayani
    Magat, Monaliza B.

  • Molecular Ecology and Systematics Laboratory

    MESfacilities1 MESFacilities2

    Nursery of Indigenous Endemic Plants

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  • Current Projects

    • Project 3: Establishment of Soilless Culture Technology for Urban Food Production
    • Project 4: Ex-Situ Conservation Through Micropropagation Cryopreservation of Native Plant Species
    • DNA Extraction, PCR Amplification, and DNA Barcoding of Plants
    • Phylogenetic Analysis
    • Hydroponics
    • WJ Nimanthika, KSI Senevirathne, HMIC Ruwanthika, ISA Koralage, JD Rey. 2019. Bio-surveillance of economically important insect pests in a mixed-crop agriculture system: insights from DNA barcodes. Philippine Journal of Crop Science, 44 (3):93-116