Extension Agenda

1. Capacity Building in Biology (Based on expertise in the Research Agenda)

Information Dissemination, Radio Program, Exhibits and performances, Extramural Programs, Service Learning, Education, Training, Workshop, Instruction Materials Development, Service to the University (e.g. Adviser to Student Organizations, Quality Assurance Officer, etc.), Advocacy and Community Mobilization, Organizing Conferences, Forums and Exhibitions (Chair/Board Member/Officer – Professional Association (Board member or officer)

2. Technical assistance in Biology;

Technical Advice/Assistance as Museum Curator Assistant, Technical Advice/Assistance to External Government and/or non-government agencies, Technical Advice/Assistance as Journal Editor, member of editorial board, and/or technical reviewer, Technical Advice/Assistance in Laboratory designs, Content &Delivery, or Data Analytics, Technical Advice/Assistance as Undergraduate or Graduate Thesis Committee in a non-UP higher education institute, Provision of Laboratory and Related Services

3. Bio-technopreneurship

Direct Service Provision, IP Application Evaluation