Our laboratory offers morphological and molecular identification of fungi.
We do not handle microorganisms in Category A (organisms classified as infectious substances and are capable of causing permanent disability, life-threatening or fatal disease in healthy humans or animals. This includes samples isolated from humans and unhealthy animals).

Morphological Identification
Macro Specimen: Notable features from samples will be observed in its entirety and under a microscope
Micro Specimen: Colony morphology and other features will be observed under a microscope

Certificate of Identification will be given within 14 working days from acquisition of samples. Expect that requests for more than 10 samples to take a longer time. Specimen will only be identified until the genus level.

To see the prices, timeline, and requirements, you may visit the Fungal Lab website.

*For more inquiries, please contact Dr. Leilani Dacones through the Fungal Laboratory website (fungallab.upd@up.edu.ph)