Research Agenda

IB Research Agenda

Research Areas

1. Biodiversity Science
Databasing, propagation, banking, and genetic assessment of Philippine biodiversity

2. Bioinformatics
Analysis of biological data from molecules to ecosystems

3. Biopharmacology and Bioindustry
Utilization of natural products and biotechnology for drug discovery, food security, and sustainable

4. Cell Signalling
Cellular processes in response to chemical signals and environmental stressors

5. Climate Change Ecology
Ecological impacts of climate change and testing adaptation strategies

6. Forensic Biology
Development of biological tools and database for forensics use, with emphasis on tropical

7. Genetics of Ontogeny
Gene expression regulation and networking during development of model organisms

8. Infection and Immunity
Molecular mechanisms of infection and immunity for therapeutic and diagnostic applications

9. Restoration Biology
Testing options for restoring degraded ecosystems

10. Urban Ecology
Ecological impacts of urban expansions and sustainability of urban ecosystems