Ian Kendrich C. Fontanilla, Ph.D.

Professor 8 | UP Scientist I
Director, Institute of Biology
Chair, Institute of Biology Executive Committee
Ph.D. Genetics, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, 2010
Email: icfontanilla@up.edu.ph
Research Lab: DNA Barcoding Laboratory


BIO 1 (Contemporary Topics in Biology)
BIO 11 (Fundamentals of Biology I)
BIO 12 (Fundamentals of Biology II)
BIO 116 (Invertebrate Biology)
BIO 140 (Fundamentals in Genetics)
BIO 191 (Systematics and Evolution)
BIO 240 (Advanced Genetics)
BIO 241 (Molecular Genetics)
BIO 244 (Evolutionary Genetics)
BIO 397 (Molecular Phylogenetics)
BIO 397 (Forensic Biology)


Molecular Genetics and Phylogenetics, Malacology, Parasitology


Undegraduate Students
Francesca Helene C. Banaria
Jazmin Marie V. Simsuangco
Paolo Miguel E. Alfonso
Lex Art S. Espinueva
Caithleen Anne U. Ricaforte
Yanisah Justine P. Sani

Graduate Students
Lorraine Joyce M. Del Rosario
John David P. Endriga
Amina C. Kunting
Ralph Benedict I. Bucao
Lawrence Jacob C. Alterado
Aaron Gabriel B. Espinosa

Raffy Jay C. Fornillos
Adrian U. Luczon
Daria L. Manalo


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